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 New release on Heavy Load Recordings
Will be released on March 6!
Previews: here!

 New medolic track
Check this new track with video clip at youtube.
Bring me to youtube!

 Some action!
New track preview on soundcloud!
Check "Kaasplankje"!

 TechForze @ Soundcloud
16 tracks (including never released) on http://soundcloud.com/TechForze!

 NO2 Download
TechForze - NO2 free download.


 TechForze - Point Noir released!
26 December OffAudio released TechForze - Point Noir. Included 4 banging tracks (Geopotes, Ghost 1, Almas Perdidas and Apollo). Visit the Download section or go directly to their website. »»

 Upcoming release on OffAudio
Signed 4 tracks for the Spanish netlabel OffAudio.
Stay tuned for the release!
Visit their site at: www.offaudio.com. »»

 Still Alive!
I'm still alive!
New music coming in the near future. Some tracks need final mixing for releasing, now hope I get some time to finish this, and work on some new projects. »»

 TechForze vs KrZik - Bhang featured in a mix
TechForze vs KrZik - Bhang (TechForze Mix) is featured in a mix by Q-Man, download it from here.

 www.techforze.nl online!
The new TechForze website is online!
I still need to update the contact & guestbook page to php, please stay tuned for more music! »»

 EAR-PLUS5: TechForze vs KrZik - Bhang EP
TechForze vs KrZik - Bhang EP out now!!

www.ear-recordings.nl or »»

 EAR-PLUS5: TechForze vs KrZik - Bhang EP
TechForze vs KrZik - Bhang EP will be released in 2 weeks on Ear-Plus Records. More: Almas Perdidas is featured in a mix, available on foem.info. »»

 Signed track @ Ear-Recordings
Today I signed some tracks by the netlabel Eastern Recordings, it will be an EP together with Jerzz. Soon available on one of their sublabels. »»

 ES004: TechForze - Dissolve
Dissolve is online again, after remastering the tracks by the edensonic crew! It is also featured on livesets.com, check it out in the downloads section! »»

 ES004: TechForze - Dissolve
Dissolve EP is temporary offline due mastering problems, it will be online next week.

 ES004: TechForze - Dissolve
Dissolve EP is released by the French label Edensonic Records. It includes 6 tracks including a remix by Per Mikael, check the download section for more info! »»

 TFR 001: Plasticboom
Re-added Plasticboom in the Download section, including 4 tracks, covers, outro & 22 loops in high quality (256 kbps). »»

 Almas Perdidas on EY8
Almas Perdidas is featured on Electronic Youth 8, download this CD at their website, a link can be found in the links section! »»

 New website launched!
Finally, I've finished my website, after a few tryouts this will be the final, hope you like the simple & dark layout. I'll add a soundplayer soon. »»

 Some news
Techstyle Project - Casablanca (TechForze Remix) is featured on the 7th release of the Electronic Youth serie, see links for the link to download this double CD.
My newest tune (Salt) has been played this friday in a big club in The Hague, this track is not available for downloading yet... »»

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